Friday, January 8, 2010

Farm-life Fridays: Phantom

It is almost to the day 5 years ago that we brought our Phantom home, so I thought it appropriate to post this Phantom on today's Farm-life Friday. Aside from being tiny compared to our big guy, this guy is also out at Best Friends in Utah right now instead of Jersey. Here's more on him:

Breed: Morgan
Gender: Gelding
Age: Mature
Size: 14.20 hands

Old in years but young in body, Phantom may well be the Jack LaLanne of horses. And you can still ride him!

Born in 1982, Phantom is sound as can be and healthy as, well..a horse. In fact the only sign that he has seen a few years are his teeth which aren't what they once were. He shows no signs of arthritis or other ailments that other senior horses often suffer from, and he is still just fine with being ridden.

But don't be fooled into thinking that just because he is an older man, he just leisurely ambles down the trail. Quite the contrary, Phantom has fire in his feet and needs an experienced rider. He is a good boy and doesn't buck or spook, but in his 25 plus years, no one has ever taught him about stopping, standing still and smelling the roses. All he knows is to go, go, go.

Phantom has an incredible richness of heart and is looking for someone who can love him for the rest of his life.