Friday, January 22, 2010

Farm-life Fridays: Darby

Meet Darby. Darby is an absolutely Arabian horse. Though they're always hoping for a furever home, for now Darby is lucky enough to be cared for by Best Friends Society.

Breed: Arabian
Gender: Gelding
Age: Mature
Size: 14.30 hands
Rideability: Pasture Pal

A beautiful Arabian gelding!

Born in 1986, Darby is definitely a "pasture pal" nowadays. He's got a little arthritis in his knees, so he'd much rather know you by getting a scratch on his nose than a ride on his back.

But he'd just love to stroll your pastures or be a friend to your other horses. He enjoys hanging with the guys, and he really adores the ladies! But not both at the same time, for some reason. That makes him start arguing with the other boy horses about which lady belongs to whom! But either a group of girls or a group of guys would suit him just fine.

He's a slender fellow who takes his meals in stride - munching a little throughout the day, and never really wolfing it all down. A horse with a modest appetite? Amazing!

He's polite and courteous to humans. And he's hoping that his long, silvery nose is just what you're looking for on a new best friend.