Saturday, January 9, 2010

Caturday: Topaz

Meet Topaz. I'll be honest, it was this girl's eyes that caught me while I was browsing through Best Friends's adoptable kitties.

Breed: Domestic short hair
Gender: Female
Age: Mature
Size: Medium

She'll stick out her paw to shake "hello" with you!

Topaz is a neat cat. She really uses her paws all the time to communicate. She's snuggly and purry, and just precious.

She had a home once, but when a new roommate moved in (and Topaz was NOT consulted ahead of time!) Topaz didn't like the new person and stopped using her litter box, out of spite.

So Topaz was returned to Best Friends. Poor little thing. She looks at everyone now like, "Please take me home! I promise I won't pull any tricks this time. I learned my lesson!"

Topaz still has some minor litter box issues but with the right people and a little time, we think those issues will go away.

All she wants is another chance to be part of a loving family...