Saturday, January 2, 2010

Caturday: Bellis

I love, love, love Bellis! Love her!

She first came in while I was still working at Tabby's Place and apparently came back after I left. Here's a cute picture of her from the site and her information should you be looking for one very special girl to add to your family...

Gender: Female
Age: 3 years
Breed: domestic shorthair
Color & markings: orange/white tabby
Personality: friendly

Kitties don't come much more unique or incredible than our sweet Bellis. Prior to arriving at Tabby's Place Bellis was living as a stray, a hard life for any cat, but a near impossible life for Bellis who had two non-functional eyes. Thankfully, Bellis was found by an animal control officer and taken to a local shelter. Though very affectionate, Bellis was continually passed over by adopters at the shelter and the staff eventually deemed her unadoptable. Her fate would have been a grim one had her shelter not just come up on our waiting list.

Bellis arrived at Tabby's Place in April of 2008. Her non-functional eyes were terribly infected and uncomfortable, so she had surgery to have them removed. Yes, she looks a little different now, but she's beautiful all the same. Due to her blindness we try to limit the changes to environment, but incredibly she gets around just as well as any visual cat. She plays with toys, of course, the noisy ones are her favorites. She climbs and jumps and wrestles with the other cats. Bellis doesn't seem phased at all by her disability. This is likely the only life she's ever known and she's very happy with it.

Unfortunately, Bellis has developed the very inconvenient habit of inappropriate urination, as in she doesn't always use the litter box. We've determined that this is due to the fact that even though she has been spayed, she still experiences heat cycles. This is likely being caused by a small piece of uterine tissue that remains in her abdomen. Bellis is scheduled for surgery so that this tissue may be removed; however, even if the surgery is successful, we may not be able to break Bellis of this habit.

Undoubtedly, Bellis requires a special type of owner with a big heart and lots of patience. But, Bellis is well worth it. She has lots of love to give and will amaze you every day with her brave and carefree spirit.

Good luck finding a new home in the new year, Bellis! Lots of love, little miss.