Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dogs On Thursday - My Holiday Pups and Shannon

Well, this week's Dogs On Thursday post is not only the usual (a dog seeking a home), but I also thought I'd include some photos of the permanent pups in my house from last week's festivities. As you may know, occasionally there's foster dogs too, but not this holiday. Kyleigh is the older black Doberman who is about 7, Sadie our 5 year old Golden and Tali is the newest addition, my sister's red Dobie who joined the crew this summer. Hope you enjoy these and have a wonderful, wonderful new year. Health & happiness for all in 2010!


Meet sweet, silly Shannon. Shannon is located in Utah at Best Friends Animal Society. It's harder for older dogs to find homes of their own, even silly ones like Shannon, so I wanted to post her here for Dogs on Thursday. Here is what Shannon's profile says about her:

Breed: Labrador Retriever
Gender: Female
Age: Mature
Size: Large

"I like to hold my own leash!"

No one is sure whether Shannon is trying to help you walk her (she's such a thoughtful girl), or whether she's trying to walk you instead! But it's very cute to watch her hold her own leash in her mouth while she walks alongside you.

She also has a toy she loves, and uses it like a security blanket during scary thunderstorms. That's very cute, too.

Sadly, Shannon was found huddled under a house, abandoned in California. She's an older dog (10) and can be a little annoying to other dogs (though we've found a few who can handle her). We also don't really recommend her with cats and kids. But she has so many adorable qualities, such a darling little heart, and she'd so love to find a home.

Is her face speaking to you?

Wishing you luck and love this holiday season, Shannon, and a wonderful 2010.