Friday, December 11, 2009

Farm-life Fridays: Naniue

Look at this Miss Piggy! Her name is Naniue and she is at Best Friends in Utah. Here is what Naniue’s profile says:

Breed: Pot Belly
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Size: Large

She used to be a real pudge ball!

But Naniue has already started losing the extra weight due to a new, healthy way of eating, plus exercising. When she first came to Best Friends, she hated the healthy food and walks, but soon she began feeling much healthier which gave her reason to start loving her salad and exercise!

Naniue is super friendly, loves affection and likes dogs. Other pigs? Not her favorite; she'd prefer you had dogs instead. Sadly, this smart and social girl lost her home because of a "pignorant" landlord; he threw her out just for being a pig because he didn't understand how clean pigs are when allowed to be. Naniue is just three years old and healthy other than the extra weight that's already coming off.

Won't you consider having Naniue as part of your family?

I'm not big on pigs, but she's pretty cute and they're said to be smarter than dogs, so... I don't know. Some people are crazy about them.