Monday, December 28, 2009

Not Me Monday - Holiday/Fam/Farm Hecticness

Not Me Monday is a weekly therapy session where I can share with you the things that I would never admit to do. It was started by MckMama. Feel free to share what you haven't been doing too!

Who threw this post together and posted the link just to finally be in the top 50? Shameful! Not me...
What girl just stands around with her blood boiling as her crush seems to be loving some stripper girl hanging all over him? Not me, no. Not this girl.
Who found herself calf-deep in puddles in the freezing rain in her pj's and slip on shoes cursing at the top of her lungs the day after Christmas as her dog is standing on a semi-frozen lake trying to eat her ducks because her dad left the gate open and told no one? Not me, nope.
Who ordered gifts for herself post Christmas?? Oh, not me. Who does that?! Especially when broke and jobless!
Who split three bottles of wine with her cousin to survive family talk? Not me.
What girl would ditch her paternal family during the holiday weekend and the football they were watching to go watch hockey!? Not me, no way.
Who cried every night this holiday weekend from the stress, emotions, wine and knowledge that this is probably her dad's last Christmas? Not me.
Who romped around in all the rain and cold weather looking for hurt ducks and is amazed she didn't get deathly ill? Not me.

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