Saturday, December 26, 2009

Caturday: Eastwood

Hello, hello, little lady! This Caturday is back again and this week, I've selected this special girl, Eastwood, at Best Friends to spotlight.

Breed: Domestic short hair
Gender: Female
Age: Mature
Size: Large

Eastwood lived in prison for two years. Her only crime? Living the life of a stray cat. At the age of three, Eastwood was roaming around Texas, minding her own business when a mean person caught her, and kept her in a cage for two years.

Thank goodness she was saved and came to Best Friends. Eastwood is a comical looking girl, with a big body and small head. One eye is lemon yellow, while the other is a beautiful gold. But her disposition is rather somber, even sad. Sometimes she bows her head in the sunlight, as though in prayer, and you get the feeling life has been really painful.

Eastwood is still pretty shy around people, but there's a good way to help build her trust: Have treat in hand! Eastwood responds well to the promise of food. After she gently takes the treat from your hand, she'll let you pet her for a little while. We believe that Eastwood is just waiting for the right person to take her home so she can learn to trust, and learn what it means to feel safe and experience forever love for the first time.

She might be scared of kids or dogs, but other cats should be just fine. (In fact, if you're looking for more than one, Eastwood has some friends she could recommend!)

Much luck, Eastwood, to you ... and your kitty friends :)