Saturday, December 12, 2009

Caturday: Sonny

Meet Sonny. This handsome boy is in New Jersey at Tabby's Place. Read more about him below...

Gender: Male
Age: 5 years
Breed: domestic medium hair
Color & markings: black/brown tabby
Personality: friendly, playful

Sonny is a good-looking grey tabby with medium-length fur. He is, um, not small, but of course his fur makes him look larger than he really is. Sonny was adopted from us about three years ago, but he had to be returned when his owners suffered serious financial setbacks because of the current recession. We know he's about 4-1/2 now, and that he was very well looked after in his previous home.
Sonny has always been on the submissive side. He can live with other cats (in fact, he lived with two others in his previous home), as long as they're not too domineering. Because he can be skittish, he should not go to a home with small children, especially as we know that he greatly dislikes being held. His previous owner has told us that Sonny rarely used his scratching post and would scratch furniture, something to note if you have a home full of antiques.

Despite his skittishness, Sonny can be very friendly. If you do something he doesn't like, he'll let you know right away---but with sheathed claws. We know that Sonny can be a wonderful friend for the right person or persons; won't you come in to see our fluffy boy today?

Sonny, of course, is extra special to me since he's a Tabby's Place cat. He's very lucky to be there, but would be even luckier if he had a home of his own to spoil and love him.