Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dogs On Thursday - Jude & A Little Boy and his Dog

Meet Jude! Jude is located in Utah at Best Friends Animal Society right now.

It's a fact that black dogs have a harder time finding a home, let alone older, black dogs with special needs (no other dogs, please, for this boy and he has some neurological problems too, but who isn't a little funny in the brain??) so I wanted to post Jude on here in case someone comes across it and falls in love with him. He's had a rough past, but his future it bright now thanks to Best Friends and Pets Alive. Here's more information on him...

Breed: Labrador Retriever
Gender: Male
Age: Mature
Size: Medium

Jude is a big black marshmallow. He'll come right up to anyone and lean into them to get as close as possible in a kind of big body hug. He's a big, affectionate goofball who lives life to the fullest. And considering what he's been through and what he has to deal with, that's pretty amazing.

Jude came to Best Friends by way of Pets Alive in New York. He was one of many dogs who were found barely alive in a cement building. For two years he never saw daylight, felt grass beneath his paws or experienced the kindness of a loving human hand. And as if that wasn't enough, Jude suffers from a neurological disorder that manifests as urinary and fecal incontinence.

When Best Friends took over and caring for the dogs, Jude blossomed. He loves basking in the sun, enjoying the cool feel of soft grass and mostly, the warmth and affection from people.

Most of the dogs from Pets Alive found forever homes. But no one would take Jude. So he came to live at Best Friends.

Jude is very dog aggressive, so he can't be around other dogs. But around people, he's as sweet as can be. All he wants is to play, love and be loved. He knows he's not perfect. And he's almost 14 years old. He wants to go home --- for the first and last time.

Wishing you luck and love this month, Jude, and all through the new year.


Also, for this Dogs on Thursday post, I wanted to add this redirection to another blog. Head over to Dogkisser for a touching tale that was in the paper recently:

"For those readers who are from away - there has been the very sad story locally of a little boy who got lost in Cape Breton on the weekend when following his dog into the woods"...