Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dogs In The Road

Straight from my twitter account: "Ah from laughing over the horny blues to chasing down stray dogs, my life is rarely that boring"

True story! We'll make this a "Dogs On Thursday" post cause it works and I haven't been able to post it until now ... oh and we're also going to completely neglect the back story on "the blues" because unless you were in the car, it'll make very little sense.

Well, after a couple glasses of wine (we were only goin to have one, but then the too sweet woman that owns the bar bought us another round), watching T's little brother's roller hockey team and laughing until my sides hurt, we were headed back to T's at the end of the night when all of a sudden ... myself and the two ladies I'm in the car with are shrieking - there's something in the road! Tan - not a deer with those floppy ears though - a dog! It's a dog! A blood hound, to be exact. And it slowly gets out of our way ... when we see another on the side of the road. T continue driving as this is not the best town, let alone at midnight, and we're still in shock.

T lives about 10 blocks down the road, in a different town, and I've already decided I'm going back to get those dogs. Not sure what I'll do from there, but they're not staying in the road! I take my nice rings off to stuff them in my bra (again, not a good area and I'd just decided to start wearing a very nice, VERY expensive heirloom), call a friend to see if she can find the number for the local animal control and get in my car ... T's going to follow me, and Ali too since it's on her way home anyway.

As I'm calling T to see if we're back in the same general area we saw them, I see the hound in the damn road again. It's about midnight and the only reason these dogs haven't been hit is because they're outside a shopping mart with LOTS of lights in the parking lot and spilling out into the road. The hound comes right up to us, the other dog (a smaller German Shepherd) has slipped under a fence and into someone's yard. I think this is about the time Ali leaves - she's afraid of big dogs. T on the other hand has gotten out of her car and has been standing with me and the hound. While I call 911, the hound also wanders away and into the yard.

Nice police officers show up and the one wanders over to the house to knock on the door and ask the home owner if they're his dogs that just wandered into his yard - they are. He pulled off the bottom part of his fencing earlier to clean the leaves out of his yard and hadn't put it back yet. I guess there wasn't enough time after vainly cleaning up leaves to ensure his dogs wouldn't be able to get under the fence and hit by a car. Geez!

Dogs inside, owner aware the police know he's got a fencing problem, T and I get back into our cars as she yells out goodnight and she's done her good deed of the week. :)