Monday, November 16, 2009

Today - Success

I'm going to consider tonight a success
- I did some working out
- Returned a LONG overdue phone call ... though I ended up just needing to leave a message anyway
- I made myself my salsa (along with a bag of steamed peas, that was my dinner tonight)
- instead of drinking and soaking in the hot tub, I'm making tea and setting up shop on the sofa to watch the Flyers play soon

...well, now that I think about it, I'm considering the whole day in general a good day (of course, this is if we completely ignore my Not Me! Monday moments)...
- I did NOT lock my dad out of the house or, say, stab the tractor wheel with a kitchen knife out of frustration when he wouldn't listen to me. I don't try to redirect him because it's fun - no, no, no, no! I try to redirect because he's say, like today, destroying the 200 feet of driveway we have to the road by digging it all up.
- I got some writing & reading done
- We sold the truck - and I did a good deed: my mom promised me a certain percentage for everything I helped sell online (fair, since this involved teaching myself some new lessons) and my good deed was knowing she's so stressed about money, I asked for less than half of what I was expecting and paid her back for a charge I put on her credit card in the process (I didn't have a credit card at the time and needed one to reserve some travel plans).
- Spoke with my aunt more about furthering my education

Now, let's just hope JVR stays out (love him, but want him fully recovered for the rest of the season as opposed to playing half assed tonight), Ray shuts down all the Devil shots that come his way, we ruin their damn winning streak and the Flyers win tonight before heading on the road. Ok, maybe I'm hoping for a good fight or two as well and not as many stupid penalties. Go Flyers!!!