Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Play Date"

In need of new pictures of Nennee, and an excuse to see friends, I snatched up my little foster kitten Olive and headed off to Smithy's for a "play date" with her critter crew.

Well, Olive wasn't too thrilled, she pretty much jumped up on to a little desk that my purse was on and did not move from there our entire visit - not angry or upset or "unsocial", she just preferred to watch everyone from a place they couldn't really get to her. Silly girl ... well, at least Olive didn't eat anyone or bolt up the steps and under a bed never to be seen again.

In other news from the visit:
- the food was great (Suzie AKA Momma Cat agrees. She licked a lot of the sauce off of the gnocchis while we were in the living room)
- Smithy's foster bunnies are adorable. I took photos for her so she can post them for adoption. Spike who seemed great before and after with them did have one incident - I'm not sure who started it, but I walked in on one leaping, bouncing, attacking bunny and a spinning, nipping Spike. They promptly separated. I'm blame Spike, but this also happened to be the one bunny that Smithy said got "weird" when left out too long alone.
- Nennee is adorable. Absolutely adorable. What a brat ... but too cute!
- My feelings towards Smithy's two newest pets (Ben & Jerry - the rats) are still out. While I held them when I first met them and won't deny that they're pretty cute, one of them bit Smithy recently. She claimed mistaken identity and that it was her fault for giving them treats through the cage, but I don't buy it. Rats will not be the next pet I'm fawning over.

Pictures to come...