Monday, November 2, 2009

Thoughts For Peanut

I was hoping I wouldn't have to write this, but she's still not home...

Please keep my buff baby, Peanut, in your thoughts, friends. I found her very neurological Wednesday morning (not moving, staring off into space, etc) with some sort of oily substance all over her front legs. She's been with my (wonderful) vet ever since then being treated for some sort of toxin poisoning.

As some of you might know, my dad's not the best these days. I can only imagine what he left out in the basement for Peanut to get into. I tried asking directly, indirectly, giving him yes or no questions to answer, but all he keeps saying is "I don't know" or "No." So, I don't know and I don't think I'm going to find out anytime soon. It could have been anything. My vet was thinking heating oil, but I think it was more like the smell of turpentine (and my dad's been "cleaning" a lot ... which in his mind now includes stripping all paint). I can't be sure though since after tearing apart the basement, I can't find any open containers or evidence of spills... All I know is Peanut is sick now and I'm worried.

Initially Peanut was getting fluids and anti-toxin treatments, which were working really well. She was eating like a champ, her liver enzymes (which were initially high) were recovering and although she was still a little neurological, she was actually supposed to be home at the beginning of the weekend. However, Friday night into Saturday, Peanut started to develop pneumonia. Although the "check in" with the Dr sounded good this morning, I'm still nervous for her.

Peanut's about 7 now, but I've had since she could fit in my hand. She was only .05lbs and a little love. Although I already had 3 cats, she's a much bigger fan of dogs, I think, than her fellow kitties (though she'll curl up with them too) - snuggling with Ellie our Doberman when she was little and rubbing up with our Goldens who she blends in with for the most part. Although she was only suppose to be our foster baby, of course we kept her since she was our little baby. I love her so much!

The worst thing is, this was probably all avoidable if my dad wasn't the way he is now or if maybe we watched him more ... but sometimes it's just easier to let him do his silly "projects" and not watch so that we don't see how wrong he's doing it all & so I actually get some of my own time. I didn't expect this kind of consequence. I don't know why Peanut got into whatever it was she got into (she's normally sleeping in her cat tree or rubbing up against someone or a dog) ... I can only begin to imagine what happened. It breaks my heart that Peanut is suffering because of all of this now too.