Monday, November 30, 2009

Fresh Start?

It was just yesterday I was recalling how much I miss journals: their privacy, the ability to be so candid on a variety of things more than just what you did with your day ... and yet the lack fun from adding links & pictures (I'm a very visual person) is a drawback, plus there's never any comments from readers to draw from and reflect on. However, as so many of my blogger buddies seem to be discussing or discovering as of late, the personal sh*t you may add to your blog posts can catch up to you.

This blog was supposed to be about my rescue work, but at some point started to morph into a blog to rescue me - I mixed in a lot of personal stuff in my posts. Sadly, before I could clean up some of my more personal entries, it seems to have bitten me in the ass. Since having an opinion is apparently dangerous and remembering things differently (correctly) than others who come across this blog (and dig and dig and dig and twist stuff) just ends up involving too much drama, I'm gonna spend the day cleaning up and try to cut the personal out.