Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Website Want Wednesday

I was loving this chemise, but it wasn't in my size when I came across it on Frederick's :(

Well, I got an email about an incredible sale they were having right before Christmas and guess what?! It was on sale ... and in my size - whoo!! Oh yes, I ordered it!! I mean, I couldn't pass up that fate, right? In my size and on sale?! Merry Christmas to me!

I'm thinking of putting a cute tank top under it and wearing it out for New Years Eve. I'm going out to a house party with my boyfriend. I met this couple once, but I'm not really going to know anyone aside from that and being that this is a house party my boyfriend has gone to for a couple years now apparently, I'm guessing he's going to know people. I don't really want to be out with people I don't know after how last year went, but I'm going to make a really sound attempt at being social.

I was joking with my friend Meghan that my boyfriend is probably going to find me drunk in some corner talking to the couple's cats lol Oh well, hopefully it'll end up better than that ... and, if not, Meghan will be getting some interesting photos.