Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tea Tuesday

Tea, candle light, a warm bubble bath and time to write - oh to spend all my days like this! I'd be prune-y, but divinely happy!

What is your favorite way to spend the holidays?? A continued tradition is that my family has my great Uncle John come to the house in the morning where we do gifts, then we all head over to my aunts' (who is now just down the road) for a late breakfast and more gift-exchanging there. I think when I have my own family, I'd like to continue something like this ... and add in the things I miss most: driving around right before Christmas to see all the holiday lights people have on display AND picking out our own Christmas tree and bringing it home to decorate. One of my favorite times when younger was running around the pine tree farms with my sister and trying to pick (agree on) the perfect tree for that year. My dad would cut it down, load it on top of our van and we'd head home to decorate it. I loved that!

10-12-10_Tea (6)ed
Tea Tuesday - all the good we do won't get done if we're not around. So, take a minute to relax with me at some point. :)