Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bear's Been Adopted!

Look at that sad face... how could I resist? Not that I had much choice, no, Bear was being sent from GA to me in NJ. He was a shelter favorite, desperately out of time and I wasn't going to ignore the fact I was supposed to save him. If you don't know the story behind Bear, read it ... there are some times in life when "destiny" or "fate" seem to be the only terms that really embody them. Him coming to me was one of them, I'm sure.

Well, the news to report on Bear this time? He's adopted!! Until we realized how sick my dad was, it was not an uncommon thought that Bear would stay for good with my family. It was never really determined, but it was definitely brought up every so often. Then, with my dad's diagnosis though, I started to more actively seek out a forever home for Bear. Three big dogs would just be too much for my mom. Several families were interested, I just didn't really pursue them - no fenced in yard, really little kids, too far, etc. One family even came out and they seemed great ... but their young son had had a bad experience recently with a jumpy little dog and so he was so nervous around Bear. That's one thing, but my mind was pretty made up when the parents made no effort (once seeing how goofy and laid back Bear was) to make their son more comfortable with Bear as well and, if that wasn't bad enough, they let the son just wander all over my parents home chasing my cats. t felt hopeless to find a home good enough to make me want to give up the dog I rescued within a week of Cheyenne dying. However, after thinking Bear would stay and after the families that wanted him (but just didn't feel right to me), fate it seems walked back into the equation. Bear was adopted by family friends and went home with them just yesterday.

His new mom showed up before she had work Wednesday (yesterday), bringing my dad and her husband, who was down at the farm helping do some construction with my dad. She walked into the house and said, "Hey there, my dog." And took him got a quick walk around before she headed out for work. He's a big guy and definitely tries to use that to his advantage, but he really does listen well and the walk wasn't so bad - a relief since he's rarely on a leash because we just let him out in the fenced yard with the other dogs to go to the bathroom and play. She was really excited he was coming home with her husband later.

I've got to admit, it's a little harder to see Bear go. Usually my incentive is that I can only save one at a time ... so, I adopt out the one I've got, no matter how much I'm attached, in order to have the room to save another. But this time, my mom's saying no more: no more dogs, no more rescuing dogs. I can't argue. I'm at her place again thanks to losing my job a few months ago. Not being allowed to rescue another, kind of takes away my joy in it all, my relief to save another. Not to mention, with the loss of Cheyenne, I really thought Bear would hang around for good. The dynamics of just Kyleigh and Sadie is weird, I think. Sadie always curled up and played hard with Cheyenne and the rescue dogs. Just two dogs now ... we haven't had just two dogs since before Honey died.

Here's a photo of Bear at my parents' front door as I was leaving the day he was going to be going home with his new dad. If it weren't for that white chest, it'd be awful hard to see him. :) I'm gonna miss that goofy face greeting me when I come home ... but I can't imagine a better family for him. Honestly, that's the only reason I let him go. His new mom was already talking about walks with him in the morning until he was exhausted, a special bed with his name on it, brushing his teeth and dinners consisting of the extra flavorings of anything from beef to chicken to salmon. They want him and I can't imagine a better family for him ... and I can't imagine a better addition for their family either. Bear has been around my cats, so he should have no problem getting along with their two and he is so laid back that I don't think he'll be any problem greeting their older Lab boy, Jax ... and nothing compared to getting a puppy (house training them, obedience training, fixing them, the adjustment, not to mention how terrorized Jax would be with all that puppy exuberance).

Maybe our friends have held off getting a puppy not only because they were afraid it would be an insult to Jax (like they were trying to replace him - as if!), but because Bear was out there looking for them ... it only took a dedicated volunteer to try to find someone to save him, a transport team and some months with me for everything to fall into place. And now, instead of a "replacement", they're getting Jax a friend. This is a very happy story and though his time with me is over, its a wonderful beginning for Bear somewhere else.