Thursday, March 5, 2009

My dad, Bear, etc...

I just sent out this post to friends and am putting it here too as it's an update on my life and rescuing recently. Needless to say, as you read you'll understand I'm heartbroken. Why does everything have to be so hard? I don't rescue for this purpose, but don't I deserve good things?? And if not good, can't I just get a little bit of "fair" at least??? Anyway, this is the email I sent with some pictures thrown in as well...


I found out just last week that the odd behaviors my dad has been exhibiting have been just as bad when he's away from us - work sent him home, in fact. It seems that it was not simply "depression" that he's been suffering from. My dad (my hero, supporter, driver when I lost my license to epilepsy and the guy who absolutely influenced my love for animals & me doing animal rescue) was re-diagnosed last week with fronto-temporal dementia. Here's some info on it:

Needless to say, I'm very upset for my near future loss of my dad and worried about what's to come.

I'm writing to you about all of this because I have a dog that needs a home of his own and preferably soon before things get too bad around the house.

Currently, my parents' are fostering my most recent GA rescue - a big black & white boy we named Bear that everyone at the shelter down in GA loved, but he was out of time there. He was called a lab mix, but if you see him, he's got to have some sort of Mountain Dog in him too. He's got just the faintest bit of brown above his eyes, big head, muscular body and a perfectly white tipped tail. On top of that, his genes popped him out with beautiful freckling in his white patches, short hair, little eyes and big, thick skin around his face (you know, like the kind that is kind of all wrinkly and you can make funny faces with. I love it!!!)

All people can really say about him is that he's so ugly, he's freakin’ adorable!! He is great with my other dogs (1 female Golden, 1 female Doberman), did not eat my little sized, big attitude male Chihuahua foster when I brought him home and though I've had to correct his interest in my parents' cats, Bear has never actually tried to hurt any of them. He's house trained, sits to eat and though I know he's playful (likes to carry stuffed animals around like "babydolls" and wrestles with the Golden), he mostly prefers to just sleep near you. He's friendly to all and just a great dog that deserves a good home. I will write down his cons for you as well, of course:
- he pees a little when he gets nervous. I don’t know what happened to him before, but raise your voice even a fraction and he drops to the ground or pees a little and this happens for men more than women, which is another reason I want him out before things get bad with my dad like they could.
- he sheds a lot, though I’m still convinced that he’s blowing out his nasty shelter coat
- he drools. There is no excusing or reasoning that way, he drools like a St. Bernard sometimes!!!

He is fixed and up to date on vaccines of course too.

I'm sending you this email to you since we're friends, personal contacts in the animal-loving world. I haven't really come to terms fully about this diagnosis for my dad yet, so I'd like the reason for this posting to be kept as private as possible. Bear's safe in my parents' house, of course, it's just the extra burden on my whole family soon that I worry about. Bear deserves a good home and I don't want that to become a last priority, but things are out of my hands now with this.

Cross post Bear on your Petfinder site, let any friends know that might be looking to adopt, etc. People can email me at

Bear needs and deserves to find a home.

Thanks so much,
Jenny W

PS- If anyone knows someone that wants to adopt a ridiculous Chihuahua, he’s my foster boy. Do not believe the vicious rumors about him, he’s “selective” with who he likes. :o)