Saturday, March 14, 2009


I have a feeling this blog is going to turn into more of a journal about rescuing myself than it is about rescuing animals. The blows seem to just keep coming and I'm just completely heart broken right now...

I partially blogged about my dad and that situation. I strictly posted the email I sent out because, honestly, I'm not sure I can sit down and spill my guts out about that whole ordeal and my feelings about it without A) sounding super whiny or B) breaking down and crying while I type which is just awfully messy if you know the way I cry. The news alone has been a lot to deal with and then there's been all the reading to find out about FTD and what's to come as well.

And then, this passed week, I lost my job... stupid economy! Losing my job means losing my income when I have student loans, medical bills, my credit card (thank god I'm pretty good at controlling my spending with that!!) and the payments for the car I just bought as well. If that's not bad enough, my apartment that I've been settled into for about a year and a half is provided through work, so I've lost that as well! I've been given a week to pack up and head out. I don't want to pack up, I don't want to move back in with my parents and I feel so bad taking my cats there too when they've been pretty stress-free at my apartment for so long now.

I don't get to see Ruby adopted out or see Donny needs more surgery or see if Freda gets all better or what's going to happen with the possible mass in Nickey or see my love Molly anymore or if Polly is going to get surgery. I've just really invested myself here in a way I don't even think my co-workers know and so this is all very sad for me. I used to walk around here sometimes at night just checking to see what the kitties were doing and making sure they were ok.

I'm just forced to hope this is for the best. I've been here for some great, great things like my work's 5th Anniversary and all the publicity with Tashi - it was so nice seeing other people recognize and appreciate the work done here. At least I was let go because of the economy so I can collect unemployment instead of having to quit in several months or something because of my dad (or who knows what might else go wrong at this point!).

Now, I'm going back to my parents, the farm, sheep and chickens and horses and too many guinea hens. At least I'll have lots of time to read, write ... and blog, right? Ahh ::sigh:: Who knows, maybe I'll even start rescuing again ... doing fundraisers or working with kick ass people like my friend who likes the special babies, like Joa (who has since been adopted!).