Friday, July 25, 2008

Molly the Siamese

I've been meaning to write about one of our newest residents and I just needed to take the time today to finally get this posted.

Molly is new to TP and is one gorgeous blue point Siamese. She's a more mature lady, definitely a big talker and in need of some more meat on her bones.

Molly has got not the greatest story behind her. Now, the details I'm giving might be a little off because I've heard several explanations of why we intook the pair of Siamese girls while I was not working, but I believe the general jist is that her owner passed away. Then, Molly and her friend, Courtney, were all by themselves for about 3 weeks! A relative contacted us saying that he could not take the purebred pair nor could he care for them. So my super nice boss said we could take them in and I am so happy we did!

Molly's already needed a dental done on her and she's not been here a week yet. One of my favorite things about heris that she shuts up and smooshs into you as soon as you pick her up or show her any sort of attention. She seems like a real love bug. Hopefully Molly will find one great home as soon as she's given a clean bill of health.

Molly's former housemate was a kitty now named, Courtney. She's also a Siamese, a bit younger and seal point:

Courtney's really opened up, I think, in just the short time she's been here. She's been talking a bit more to me while I'm in cleaning and she's started to eat a bit more too.

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