Sunday, July 13, 2008


Wednesday night I was stressed at work. I was in a rush in order to get done with work and then home so I could start the vacation I had planned out for the week.

Things were going so well with me working with two of the newer people. Yea, B's been a volunteer since long before me, but she's young and still getting used to actually being an employ, I think.

B was working out front while I was working with D in the suites when a girl came in with some stray cat. I did exactly what we were suppose to – referred the girl and her brother away, to a vet actually since they said the cat looked bad. They also said they had nothing to keep the cat in, so I went and got one of our cardboard carriers set up for them to use.

When I went out to the girl's car to put the cat in a carrier and finally set my eyes on her, the cat looked beyond awful. The conclusion to all this was D on her way to the emergency medical facility we use with the cat after I spoke to my boss and had the girl sign the cat over.

Here's Nora on Thursday after a night in the care of the emergency hospital:

Sadly, "Nora", as she was named, died peacefully in her sleep under medical care a little over 24 hours later. She had a list of things severely wrong with her and at least she was under a great deal of supportive medical care. She had the chance to be comfortable when passing.

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