Tuesday, June 23, 2009

tired of settling!

I posted earlier that I believe I may be dying from lack of Vitamin D. I am so sick of this cloudy/rain bull!! Sun, where are you?! The sky is blue now, but it's still a bit hazy out. Just awful... this dark house isn't helping either. I miss the big picture windows in the living room at my parents'. Though my house definitely lacks the background soundtrack of Cracker's constantly purring and the assistance with chores, such as making the bed which Nigel is very helpful with as you can see in the photo.

This question came up on a survey today and I wanted to post it here. "What do you want in a relationship more than anything?" What I wish for: I want someone I'm comfortable with, someone who has their own hobbies & friends & life for me to appreciate and they appreciate mine, someone who can cook and who has a sense of humor, knows how to respect a woman, a person. Someone who preferably works with their hands, is honest and can put up with me. Someone who can hold my hand and pull my hair - and know which is the proper place for which lol I want to be with someone who embraces sarcasm and random romance - who has strong ties to their family and a sense of themselves, works hard and plays hard - really dedicates themselves to the things they want to do and need to do.

Now, where do I find all that??? Cause, honestly, I'm sick of just settling. Settling for the attention I get from undeserving people. Settling for the lack of appreciation I get from people who should know I deserve better. Settling for not getting credit. Settling for what I'm offered. Settling for second place. Settling, settling, settling. I'm tired of settling!

Here's an excellent post about messing things up, which I know I absolutely do as well, and yet why you should take chances. Check it out: Love ... Isn't it what we all want? Then why so often do we screw it up? Maybe instead of settling, I need to be taking more chances - new chances in the hopes of something better. That takes so much guts though. I sure hope I've got the backbone...

"I'm tired of charring my ass on your back burner" -Sam on True Blood ~ such a good quote!