Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tea Tuesday

With the weather this morning (cool 50ish and cloudy), I'm thinking I need some warm, jasmine tea. Not sure the boyfriend has that in his house yet, but I'm going to go digging through his stash of teas soon.

I've picked up a new book that I haven't gotten to page one yet (maybe another goal for the day), so I can't add a quote. Week two and I'm breaking one of my suggestions for "Tea Tuesday" posts! Oh well, that's the benefit of a "moment to myself", right? No need to be hard on myself :)

How's your day going?

10-12-10_Tea (6)ed
Tea Tuesday is reminder to you too, my friends and wanderers that found your way here. Remember that all the good you do won't get done if you're not around. So, take a minute to relax with me at some point today.


Jenn said...

Just thought I'd say I found it ironic that I sat down with my cup of tea (decaf earl gray, and red raspberry leaf) just to click along the blogosphere and come across tea tuesday!

Jenny W said...