Saturday, October 23, 2010

Caturday: Striper

I'm not sure my aunt loves any hobby more than fishing ... and for this reason, she has her own boat to go out in to fish. But this Caturday post isn't about fish - no, it's about a cat.

A cat who likes to rub up against my aunt ... and apparently, play in my aunt's boat. For this reason, I'm calling him Striper! Seems appropriate for an orange cat too. This boy sounds like an absolute sweetheart who not only has a lot of love to give, but also just can't get enough attention and love either! Why such a nice boy is still outside in this cold, well, that's out of my hands.

I mean, there are enough feral cats out there that we should feel bad for, right? And they don't like people, so it's not like they could happily live inside and be spoiled like this boy could. Not to mention, my aunt has three crazy Brittanys, so all she can really offer is food, fresh water and some beautiful (extra spacious) shelter from the weather (as is the job of an excellent feral cat caregiver), not the lap of luxury of an inside cat safe from disease, cars, bad weather and with things like windows to sun bathe in and beds to curl up on with you. Again, why such a nice boy is still outside in this cold...

Perhaps we should consider this Caturday post a guilt trip? :)