Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wednesday Want

I want...
This dress. Ahh! Want it!!!

How perfect would this be for New Years Eve?

Then again, maybe not... Last year's adorable Website Want turned out disastrously disappointing!

What was on the site and what came in the mail were two completely different things - one sexy & cute, the other was trashy & uncomfortable. It wasn't glittery, it wasn't even sequiny ... it was made up of big plastic pieces which maybe shined a little at certain angles. Ugh.

I didn't even wear it like I was planning to for New Year's Eve because it was so awful. I ended up wearing a shirt I had forever ... We went to a house party last year with mostly strangers to me (boyfriend's friends), so it's not like they had seen the shirt before anyway.

Hope you all are enjoying the holiday!