Wednesday, December 7, 2011's Holiday Blog Party pt 1

As I've explained in a previous post, I am not home caring for my dad all the time anymore. I live mostly with my boyfriend ... though I will not admit that since I only really have 2 drawers and I hate the place, the people, the (lack of) property, etc. He does too though so I can't really say anything to him about it.

All the same, I did not want to miss out on's Holiday Blog Party! I had such a wonderful time participating last year and became involved with so many wonderful people, like Denise and GJ.

I did stop home today - mostly to take care of the cats. I did see my dad, but he was pretty much focused on either food (Michelle was in the kitchen) or sitting in his room. Sometimes when no one is there, I'll make my dad stand around in the room with me while I take care of the cats and I'll talk to him. That didn't happen today though.

Brief post, but the day is almost done, so goodnight, goodnight! :)