Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dogs On Thursday - Workin Girl

I have a new job and have already received one pay check. I'm pretty excited! What does this have to do with Dogs On Thursday? Well, take a look at this photo...

Puppies!!! Oh my goodness, I got to hold the cutest little beagle mix puppy who had been in with her sister that day from SOS Beagle Rescue to be spayed at the low cost spay/neuter clinic in the building where I'm working now. The wonderful woman who came to pick them up after they woke from surgery that night was nice enough to let us hold the cute little puppies, the one I'm holding and her sister who was solid red and white (the little girl I held had more of a ticked/freckled coat). They were adorable and definitely "mixes" the rescuer said since their ears were much longer than a Beagle's should be ... I just think it made them that much cuter though. What do you think? :) Who can complain about a job with puppies, right??

In an odd doggy case, we actually only have a handful of dogs right now where I'm working too - which is quite unusual! We're not intaking any dogs either at this time. Why??? Well, we're getting brand new kennels! We're knocking down the old dog kennels and putting in brad new ones which will be great for all the future dogs that come into the shelter I'm working at now. You can check out all the cool details here. Construction is suppose to start in the next week or two so hopefully by mid-April we'll be packed with dogs again in brand new, wonderful kennels piping them soft tunes to keep them calm.

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