Monday, March 3, 2014

More Snow

This winter is just not giving up and though lots of people are soo over it, I love seeing the joy the dogs get every time they see it... well, most of the dogs like Pip! Here he is bouncing around in the snow we got while we are babysitting him. We let him out in the middle of the night (little body = little bladder) and he was just having one heck of a time bouncing around!

It was so cute to see our little Pip all grown up, but still pouncing like he did as a pup. Little did Pip know though that the snow had just started...

By the time the snow ended the next day, it was up to his belly and we needed to dig paths for Pip to use when going to the bathroom.

It definitely wasn't the most snow we've accumulated during our many winter storms this year, but it absolutely looked like a lot with such a little dog romping around in it.

Oh! And you know what was also a trip? Trying to dry him off! Apparently he hasn't outgrown the idea that a towel is a vicious, vicious beast he needs to terrify with growls and try his hardest to shake to death - talk about spicing up what should be a pretty simple task when going from outside to back inside.