Friday, March 7, 2014

Droopy-ness Spreads

As some of you might know, Sadie Lady has had only half a smile for a little more than a year - some nerve damage that would or would no go away. Well, a few days ago, Sadie started having her eye on that side of her face only half open - it seems the droopy-ness has spread.

After some meds and some testing (x-ray of her skull to look for an obvious tumor causing this), we are left assuming her paralysis has spread because not only is her eyelid only half open, her third eyelid is coming up to protect eye, which isn't dilating.

I can take her to see an eye specialist to see if there's anything going on behind her eye, but I don't know... I think that just like her lack of a smile, this is just deep nerve damage - just like how her mouth opens and moves, but she can't smile that her eye blinks, third eyelid works, but the eye isn't dilating. It doesn't seem to bother her that much, so for now we are leaving her be. Plus, I'd rather save the money for something like acupuncture than a specialist who can't do much more than tell me it's never damage/paralysis.

Oh well, so much for having one normal pet.