Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dogs On Thursday

It's been awhile, but I've got an appropriate "Dogs on Thursday" post. An article was recently posted that a friend of mine shared with her friends, including me and my friend Joyce. The article is here:

"If Vick paid his debt to society (as he did, even becoming a Humane Society lecturer)" - I honestly couldn't read past that without getting angry. The entire article is twisted and awful. The dogs were saved thanks to the many people out there that know pits are good dogs, who believe that these pits bulls were not just fighting dogs, but individual animals deserving a chance.

I can't say if Vick's remorseful, but I can say that Vick had nothing to do with the rescue of those dogs!

Joyce responded best though: Well I had to reply. For this reporter to imply that {Vick} paid money to rehab his ex dogs is ridiculous. Faith at {Best Friends}("BF") told me that when {Vick} was initially released, his PR team called BF and asked if they would support his rehab. BF asked what would he be willing to help his ex dogs. Vicks PR team ended the conversation quickly and hung up. Where is the 1 million dollars that was noted in this article!? Here is my response to the reporter:

"Hi Dan,

I just read your article on Vick and his ex-dogs. You stated "Perhaps most remarkably, if it wasn’t for the high-profile nature of the Vick case and the quarterback’s ability to pay for their postrescue care (Vick reportedly spent a court-mandated $1 million on it), each of the dogs would’ve been destroyed." Would you please verify this statement? I am a big supporter of Best Friends Animal who received 23 of his ex dogs. . I travel out there yearly to volunteer and know the founders personally. They have not received a dime to care for the Vick dogs from him. They have received money for their care from supporters like myself. So please tell me who received any money? ...

Also many say he was convicted of animal abuse, he was not, he was convicted of gambling and participating in dog fighting. He was not charged with animal abuse which he should have been on many many counts"

Coincidentally, a new book is being released (CHECK IT OUT!!! - The Lost Dogs), but somehow I think this article of lies, no matter how many responses like Joyce's there may be, is going to outshadow this book and these dogs (a lot can be seen here) that should be celebrated. Not stupid Vick. To prove my point? The top news in my area recently following this article has been the announcement of a new quarterback for our local team ... they named him - Vick! Sadly, this proves that some time, unverified "facts"(more like illegitimate excuses) and a handful of talent can allow you get away do anything. "You've gotta back a winner" one fan said. Awful...

I hope this inspires you in some way - whether it's to shake your head, pet the next dog you see that needs some love (even the most spoiled does) or consider pit bulls as better dogs, respond to this article of lies or adopt a dog ... I hope, if nothing else, it makes you think of the injustice.

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