Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dogs On Thursday - a prayer


- O Lord of humans, make my master faithful to his fellow men as I am to him.
- Grant that he may be as devoted to his friends and family as I am to him.
- May he be open-faced and undeceptive as I am; may he be true to trust reposed in him as I am to his.
- Give him a face cheerful like unto my wagging tail.
- Give him a spirit of gratitude like unto my flicking tongue.
- Fill him with patience like unto mine that awaits his footsteps uncomplainingly for hours.
- Fill him with my watchfulness, my courage, and my readiness to sacrifice comfort or life itself.
- Keep him always young in heart and endowed with the spirit of play, as I am.
- Make him as good a man as I am a dog.
- And make him worthy of me, his dog.


stolen from here

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