Thursday, February 5, 2009


This handsome boy is Newton and he's a pit bull ... and a cutey like they all are. He also happens to be the nervous type and doesn't get along with other dogs, making it harder for him to find a home.

Newton is located in Utah at Best Friends Animal Society and this is what his profile says:

Breed: Staffordshire Terrier
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Size: Large

"Are you a nice person?"

Newton loves nice people. But he's also worried. Not everybody has been so nice to him! Animal control returned him to his family once after they'd apparently dumped him. And guess what. A couple days later - they dumped him again! Poor Newton.

No wonder he's a little nervous about new people and new surroundings. (He's so nervous at the vet's, that the vet puts a muzzle on him so he can work.) But once you get to know him, he's really just a sweet boy who wants to be loved! He walks super-nicely on his leash. And he's very happy to see his friends.

Newton can't live with other dogs, though. He just can't get along with them. That's too bad. Makes it harder for him to find a home. But at eight years old, he still hasn't given up. He's a nice guy who really deserves a home that won't keep tossing him out the door.

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