Sunday, January 25, 2009


Aw, look at Tori! This girl with the interesting mug shot is located in Utah at Best Friends Animal Society. That cute little tongue hanging out makes Ben pop to mind. He's hard to get a photo of and often has his tongue sticking out - with his nervous personality and habit of hissing, the tongue out just seems to add insult to injury. There's also a Tori at the sanctuary right now too.

This kitty obviously brings a lot of others to mind for me, but for more information about the Best Friends' Tori, read on:

Breed: Domestic short hair
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Size: Medium

Frightened little bear.

Tori is the cutest cat. But she kind of freezes when you pet her like, "This isn't going to hurt, is it?" Talk about a darling who hasn't had much love in her life.

Tori came from a shelter in Pahrump, Nevada that closed down because it had fallen into disrepair. More than 800 cats were there, neglected and ignored. Tori was one of them, and she's still unsure about life.

But she tries! She wants to love you. She just doesn't know where to begin - or whether you're going to hurt her.

Do you have the patience and compassion to reach out to someone like Tori? Other pets shouldn't be a problem. With her fears, adults might be best. But all she really needs is someone to take her under their wing.

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