Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jewel 2

Meet beautiful Jewel 2. Look at those blue eyes!

Jewel 2 is located in Utah at Best Friends Animal Society. Here's more information about Jewel 2:

Breed: Siamese
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Size: Medium

Jewel has amazing blue eyes that make you want to reach out and pet her cute little mug!

Nonetheless, Jewel can show two very different personalities when greeting her. If she is lying down or sleeping she can be very timid and scared and will need someone patient when teaching Jewel to trust humans again. She has come a long way and does accept pets on her head and shoulders.

However, Jewel is very food motivated which is great for training. When you have food she is your best friend and will let you to pet her, sit with her, rub her all over and she will follow you for food while rubbing her body around your legs!

Jewel was rescued along with more than 800 other cats in the Pahrump, Nevada desert, living in squalor at a rescue organization that had fallen apart. The poor cats weren't getting basic care or any love at all. She just wants a place where she can belong.

Jewel kind of bats at the other cats sometimes, but she's OK with them. Being an "only cat" would be fine with her, but either way!

Won't you give Jewel your love for life?

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