Monday, May 19, 2008

arg! Arg! Arg - that's right: arg! I am pissy. Uh! I'm being erased from all the unimportant things, but not the crucial ones I should have been off of as soon as I resigned ... it's not my place to remove me (that's not my job anymore). However, to just remove me from the little things is lazy and pretty damn insulting to start with those things, for example on the website I started & put together, instead of the crucial things like state & federal paperwork. I'm trying so hard to be mature & civil and to stay positive ... but, d*mn, are they ever making it difficult. I left! Now let me move on!

Work today made me realize just how much I hurt myself Saturday and, whoa, did I hurt myself! I'm thinking my legs, like my upper thighs, hit the wheelbarrow and I don't know which side I fell to first, but I somehow hurt both my shoulders, along with my bicep in my right arm. I bent over to wipe out one of the cages today and thought I would die from the pain ... half of me wishes this shit never happened, the other half is so glad I'm not awake for it.

I'm not perfect - oh well! I need to just accept that, take my brain meds and live the best life I possibly can while I'm here ... because who knows when this all ends for us. Slightly sad and not subtle, but true. Aside from the epilepsy (and a few other flaws), I'm a pretty crazy, cool person :) And maybe some changes will help make things better too: I've got the new tattoos, I'll color my hair again Wednesday and, oh man, the new Indiana Jones movie comes out this week!! I am so excited! Ali & I have been waiting for this forever! Hehehe

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