Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tea Tuesday

Raspberry Leaf tea for me today. It was in a variety pregnancy pack a friend was nice enough to give me and was also brought up during a birthing class Matt & I went to. I've only had it a handful of times so far, but they say the third trimester is when it's mostly beneficial.

Here's some good info on it: http://www.bellybelly.com.au/pregnancy/red-raspberry-leaf-tea/

Aside from that, I've been working on some work emails, looking up forms and getting ready for the weeks ahead!

How's your Tuesday going?

Happy to post today. Cheers to Tea Tuesday!

10-12-10_Tea (6)ed
Tea Tuesday is reminder to you too, my friends and wanderers that found your way here. Remember that all the good you do won't get done if you're not around. So, take a minute to relax with me at some point today.