Sunday, August 23, 2015

What a weekend

I ran into the people we bought our house from while I was working today. At first, I didn't recognize them (yay! my poor memory from epilepsy) and then when I did, they didn't seem to recognize me.

I was tempted to say something, re-introduce myself ... but then I didn't. Every time I went to, I thought of all the things I'm frustrated with about this house. Don't get me wrong, I love our house, but the house they sold us - ugh! All the garbage out back (buried in the yard or just tossed in the woods). How about all the crappy DIY stuff when they didn't really seem to know how to do? Like the molding in the kitchen that was just laid up against the wall rather than actually attached. Oh, and the toilet not properly sealed that leaked into the kitchen. Yea... So I didn't re-introduce myself because too many negative "WTF?!" kind of thoughts were coming to mind.

On a different note, yesterday felt super successful! Joa's Arc has got some potential homes lined up for the CH (neurological) kittens we just took in. Matt & I went to the farmer's market and then we worked in the yard yesterday - tearing out weeds, trimming the hedges, weed whacking and mowing. The chickens got some delicious treats. There was some good resting time after the yard work and dinner ... oh my goodness, dinner! Dinner needs its own paragraph...

Our friend Debbie R made some absolutely delicious food while I was down with my broken knee & after some recent joking about getting more food out of her, we arranged to have dinner together at her home. That's where dinner was last night. Debbie & Rich have a beautiful home, which Matt & I found quickly by spotting some kitties slumbering on their front stoop. There were three courses with several options - I seriously cannot get into how good each dish was! I could have walked away full just from how much of each appetizer I wanted to eat! Nothing was disappointing and I made a solid effort to at least try one of each ... even when it was time for dessert and I was sure I would burst. The conversation was just as great from food to rescue to friends to fundraisers to legal stuff to family to break in's and bats - it was all over and all interesting. In the end, Matt & I left much later than we were expecting when we headed over and yet it still felt too soon.

There's not enough good things I can say about the time we had last night aside from I feel very, very grateful that Matt & I have the privilege to call Debbie & Rich friends.