Thursday, August 27, 2015

potluck picnic

The annual (at this point, very overdue) potluck picnic is happening soon ... and this year it'll be at our home!

Obviously it's late this year - between moving, breaking my knee and the wedding, the potluck just wasn't happening in the spring. Plus, I figured that having the potluck picnic in the fall was a good time to get together some of the people we couldn't invite to the wedding due to guest number limits - we know and love so many people!

This picnic is always an excuse to get together all the good people in our life though and has often been an opportunity to meet some people who I've mostly chatted with online or via email about rescue stuff. I love it! It's a bunch of people coming together and different minds either chatting ... or respecting our good time enough to avoid each other hahaha At least there's been no drama that I've ever been aware of.

The food is always delicious too since it's such a collection of different people & tastes - appetizers, desserts, vegetarian, seafood, gluten-free, etc. I leave it up to the guests to simply bring something they want to eat.

I'm not going to deny being a bit nervous though this year - it's always been at the farm with lots of room to spread out, a long driveway for parking, an extra fridge for anything that needs to stay cold and undeniably more things to do - like canoe or see the horses & sheep.

HOWEVER, we have a house and how can I not celebrate that and not just host it here?! So, lacking the space, extra fridge and farm animals, it'll be here in the back yard with blankets out and chairs if guests choose to bring them. We've got our table in the dining room, the counters in the kitchen and the table on the back porch to set stuff up.

Side note for anyone reading this and wondering, our hooligan pets will probably be away for the most part ... for their sanity & the guests ;)

(pictures from previous potluck picnics)