Monday, February 10, 2014


I just woke up from a dream where I was vacationing somewhere and walking back along a crowded boardwalk, passing some random people I've known through out my life (people from high school, people from work, etc - all mixed in with a lot of strangers). Among the crowds I passed was a group of Wenonah guyss - Mr. Shepherd, Mr. Danner & Mr. Montemore.

After a moment's hesitation, I turned around to go join them - (one of those dream things - I just knew where they were going).

Again, it was very crowded with weird random people I've known through my life mixed in, so I ended up running into a group of friends including a very old high school friend. I said some hello's, but it was brief so I could find the guys and I did, a few moments later, at some outside bar sitting around a table with Mr. Locastro, my uncle Dick and my dad who was his usual goofy self and had a big grin on. Kev (Ali's brother) and Nick (Mr. Locastro's son) joined us too. The friends I had run into stopped by, saying their hello's and I introduced all the Wenonah dads, saying my dad last. He stood up to greet the old high school friend and cracked some joke about still being a good lookin old man. He did look old too, not old old, but like I imagined he'd look now if he were healthy (and alive) - whiter beard, some white in his dark brown hair.

I don't remember his voice in the dream, but it was good to see his smile... That didn't stop me from crying though when I woke up with the slow realization that the gathering didn't happen and that it wouldn't happen because he's dead.