Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dementia Links

My dad played football and so this article caught my interest: Duerson Suicide Has Ex-Athletes Questioning Their Own Exposure To Brain Damage -

Some comments:
- While a lifelong football fan, I am beginning to question whether to support the sport. As with hockey, the players have grown too big and athletic and the damage caused by their collisions has to be appreciated. I absolutely believe concussions will occur more frequently and also believe they have long term impact. Cases such as Duerson's lead me to believe that I can no longer support these sports with a clear conscious.

- Is this game worth it?

My comment: My dad has frontotemporal dementia (FTD), an early on-set degeneration of the front of the brain. It is still fairly "new", but specialists are starting to think there's a link with brain trauma and this condition... and they are seeing symptoms in A LOT of athletes, especially football players.

There are no words to express how sad it is to lose my dad this way.

There were some more articles that followed.

If you followed this story, there was a big announcement that the results were in on Duerson's autopsy and the cause of death. However, when you went to the article, all that was there was a description of the body when found and nothing on the actual autopsy or if anything was seen during it.

Apparently, Duerson's brain will be studied seperately and those results have not come up yet.