Friday, April 29, 2011

FTD Friday

Friends & those that find there way here,

I know I haven't been very active on here recently, but don't think it's not because I don't mean to be.

The month of May brings a lot of things: flowers, usually more rain here in Jersey, celebrating my Aunt Jean ... and my dad's birthday. In honor of my dad, I'm going to share some links, information and insight I've come across - some informative articles and research, tips shared and a lot of emotion starting with this...

if the video above doesn't work or start for you, click on the "YouTube" icon in the bottom right corner to watch the video there.

Link of the day: "Dementia: A Tragic Fate for My Father" -

This article reminds me too much of how I feel...

"He was the kind of guy that perfect strangers would strike up conversations with in a ticket line or at a bus stop. He was honest and dependable. When he said he would do something, you knew that he would do it... "

The description of the dementia reminds me of my dad as well ... the trouble (lack of) words he uses now, the loss of social etiquette, the poor judgement now and this... "My father was a decent, hardworking family man, and he did not deserve the fate of dementia that he suffered. But, in all honesty, not the worst of us does."