Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Website Want Wednesday

sisters, sisters!

this Website Want Wednesday has me wishing for nothing but lots and lots of fun for my sister on her birthday. She's 22 today!! 22! I can't believe it! Whoa. Old lady, right? The fun of 21 is officially over and you're old, kid. Ok, just kidding. I mean, whoa, yea, that'd mean I'm super old and that's definitely not true! No, no, no.

Love you, little one. Have a great day! Here's hoping you end up somewhere like here...

yes, that's a slide from the 2nd floor!! Yea, I'd definitely want to be there

ok, you're somewhere quite cold, but know I was hoping you'd be here just the same ... maybe with me and some fruity and cold drinks in our hands ;)