Saturday, January 15, 2011

Caturday: Diamond Needs A Home

You might have seen this post on the Joa's Arc blog about trapping kitties in South Jersey. I was there that day and while trapping cats, we happened to catch this one absolutely beautiful girl ... long and lanky, she looked young: not a kitten, not an adult cat - but somewhere in between, that "awkward" stage that even cats experience. She was a brown and orange tabby (a "torbi" - a tabby, torti cat), the colors swirled around on her coat. I watched her creep up to the trap and the food inside slowly ... I was so excited when we caught her! That's when I saw her up close too and when I discovered she was even cuter... big eyes and a cute, little face. I gave her an exceptionally pretty name, as she deserved - Diamond.

Off the kitties went to be fixed the day after being trapped and while they were recovering, my friend Joan called me to say that Diamond was so cute, recovering well ... and did I want her ear tipped? Oh, Joan!!! I told her I would try to convince my mom about letting me try to socialize Diamond as she seemed like she was right on the edge of being friendly. My mom had gone trapping with us and had seen where the cats came from, she was more than happy for me to intake Diamond and see if we could find her a home instead of putting her back outside. When Joan called me back to see how the talk with my mom went, she informed me that Diamond was recovering in one of my loaned out carriers - that Joan sure knows a sucker (me) when she sees one, I guess.

I picked little Diamond up the next day and originally set her up on the porch in a cage. I figured I would give her a day or two to see if she was able to be worked with to be adopted out or if she was too scared/feral, in which case I decided we'd make her a barn cat since two sadly passed away during 2010 - Irish Momma of the garage cats and Tuxedo Cat of the back barn cats.

Needless to say with this post, Diamond is ready for a home! I think she'll need some time to open up in a home, but I can pick her up, I can love her, she purrs and she's playing all the time now. She's still caged and doesn't seek me out, but she's definitely not feral. She's beautiful and adorable and I think would make someone a wonderful cat if they were willing to put a little time into gaining her trust. She's already spayed, got her vaccinations and did I mention she's adorable?

If you know someone looking for a kitty, let them know Diamond is one special girl in need of a home!