Monday, April 3, 2017

Maternity Monday

"In many cultures, women and their families are cared for and nurtured by the community around them for weeks, and sometimes months after the birth of a new family member. Women living in kin-based communities adhere to customary postpartum rituals and typically do not experience postpartum disorders. They also tend to breastfeed their babies for a longer period of time and feel closer to their infants than women who have had no support. Strong social support is vital.

In today’s mobile society, extended families do not live close and may be unable to provide care for the new family. New parents may expect medical professionals to provide not only informational support but also educational and physical/emotional support outside of the hospital setting. When this support from family or professionals is lacking, mentoring is then lost. This is where the postpartum doula can be an invaluable resource, by bridging the gap and providing the missing mentoring opportunity."