Friday, April 15, 2016

Farm Friday

So Matt comes running down the steps last Saturday morning, all excited saying, "They're doing it! They're doing it!" And I am completely confused ...

Until I look outside our big picture window to see this!!

Our super awesome construction neighbors were clearing our back property! Of course, we were heading out the door, but just the same, we took several minutes we didn't have debating what to do - take them food? Run out and thank them? Then again, maybe we didn't want to disturb them while they were working? We were just so surprised and excited, Matt and I weren't sure what to do - there we were watching a machine (in the matter of minutes) take on the task we've been trying to figure out how to tackle for the last year.

I ended up heading outside with some of the eggs we had in the fridge from our hens and found the man inside the machine was in fact the company's owner - how nice of him to take the time to do it himself!

And now we have all the debris, the trash left over from the previous neighbors, the weeds, logs, possible poison ivy, vines, etc all cleared - it's gone! All that's left on the back property (between the fence and the hill to the stream) are the bigger trees and tire marks. Wahoo!! Now, what to do... Make trails? Make a pen for Rain? A bigger chicken coop? Plant some black walnut tree resistant veggies and shrubs? I am so excited for the possibilities!