Monday, November 28, 2011

YummMonday: Cheesy Wild Rice Casserole

For Thanksgiving, I experimented with a new recipe I came across: Cheesy Wild Rice Casserole

Ok, granted, everything's not from scratch, but it was still an excellent recipe that I could also make without soy since one of our little guests has an allergy to that.

This came out really well and I got a lot of compliments on it, so I'd definitely suggest trying it.

Notes if you're making this:
- I did NOT thaw the frozen spinach
- I mixed A LOT - there's no real instruction to do this, but I did. I mixed the spice pack up in the casserole dish with the rice & mushrooms, I mixed the water/spinach combination in the pan while it was cooking and I mixed them all together in the dish before I put it in the oven & then again when I checked on it halfway through
- I added the cream cheese then the water mixture to the casserole dish with the plan of softening the cream cheese so it'd be easier to mix everything together before putting it in the oven - I did not add the "prepared mustard" noted in the steps to make this dish. It was not listed in the ingredients section, so I didn't have it when I went to make it, so I didn't add it.

I'm not sure how it would come out since I've yet to have the chance of using this recipe again, but I think next time I'm going to use more mushrooms and more spinach since those are some of my favorite things.