Monday, May 4, 2009

Stupid Vick and stupid people

What crap! Thankfully, I hear this isn't happening, but check it out all the same: "Michael Vick in Talks to Become PETA Spokesman"

"The disgraced one-time NFL superstar serving prison time for funding an illegal dog-fighting ring is primed to do public-service ads for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals upon his release later this month. According to three people with knowledge of the matter, the proposed endorsement is part of a comprehensive PR scheme aimed at rehabilitating the quarterback's image and gaining him readmission to the league that banned him from playing."

"'The bottom line is: Everybody knows he's going to apologize, go on Oprah and Larry King and say he did wrong, that he learned his lesson. But there's no reason for anybody to take his word for that based on the pattern of dishonesty and the severity of cruelty he took part in.'"

"'I will want to meet with Michael, I will want to meet with his people, I will want to meet with other professionals to understand: Does he understand the mistakes he made and is he genuine and have remorse for those actions, and is he prepared to handle himself differently going forward? That will ultimately be my decision,' Mr. Goodell told the AP."

This comes not long after some not so great comments about PETA too. I'll focus on this one:"The Butcher of Norfolk"

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On a lighter note, to keep the animals in mind (and disregard the people willing to easily forgive or turn a blind eye), here's a video. Although there have been a great deal of attention drawn to them via articles and videos, here is a recent one about some of the dogs given a second chance at life - "Vicktims: Michael Vick's Dogs"