Sunday, August 3, 2008

Jack's Back!!

... but only while his parents are on vacation this week.

His mom dropped him off this morning and she was nervous, I think. She knew Jack wouldn't do well in a kennel though and a pet sitter is a little out of the question with how bad er "not good" he is with strangers. She brought along his bed, Jack's favorite toy and a towel they slept with last night so that it was something that smelled like his parents. How cute is that? She also brought along cash for watching him, which we never asked for, and a gorgeous picture of him that was taken recently. Look how good he looks:

Jack was nervous for a bit, he barked a lot and paced around some, but after about a half hour of that, he settled down ... it was actually such a drastic change (from the piercing, painful barking and walking around to absolute quiet) that I went to check on him. Jack was just curled up.

I only spent so much time with him though because I've been so sick and because I had to get back up to my apartment. He did great with the other dogs after he settled in and even jumped up on the sofa with me like he used too - he's definitely the opposite of Finn! But I love them both for their different qualities :)

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